If you live in San Marcos then chances are you have already engaged in some of the local fun. One of the more popular things to do during the summer months is tubing! If you’re new to Texas State or even the area then you might not be sure where to start. We’ve compiled a list of the most important tubing basics and how to go about getting acclimated to your first tubing adventure!

Come prepared: As anyone who’s lived through any amount of summer in Texas will tell you, it gets hot! First order of business is to bring the right sun protection and the second is easily as important as the first, stay hydrated. Sunglasses, hats, water shoes, any sort of portable shade and of course lots and lots of drinking water are our first essential recommendations.

The rules of the game: With any sort of fun comes basic rules so that everyone can enjoy it. One of the main ones is no glass and no Styrofoam. Coolers are allowed but there may be restrictions on the size in some places. You’re allowed to consume alcohol on the river but make sure that you do not litter and that you dispose of your trash in the proper bins or your own trash bag.

In case of capsizing: Getting turned over in the water is a lot more common then you would think. That’s why it’s important to have your valuables in a waterproof case/ziplock bag and secured in place. It’s also important to bring a bungee to keep the cooler lid closed and one to keep the cooler fastened to the tube so that it doesn’t float away.

Floating the river with friends is a right of passage for anyone new to San Marcos, Texas. If all the basics are covered then you are set to have an enjoyable and relaxing experience. From all of us at Apartment Experts in San Marcos we hope you stay safe and have fun! Remember that we offer superior service for all your apartment locating needs. Call either one of our locations at 512-693-2999 or 512-805-0123 for quality assistance.


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What could you do with $250?