Have you been counting down the days till summer starts? It’s almost June,
school is officially out and summer vacation plans are looming. We’ve
compiled the best tips we could find for helping you reach your summer
destination more efficiently. Take a look at our helpful list of summer travel
tips and be encouraged! You can do it!

Airfare. Depending on where you are traveling to, more or less time
will be required to find the right price. There are plenty of websites that
break it down by price point and show you the better deal so don’t be afraid to
look around. Just make sure to give yourself the time you need and book your
plane ticket at least a month in advance. There are also certain days of
the week its cheaper to book a flight, depending on when you schedule departure
and landing you can also save. So make sure to do your research!

Hotels: Whether traveling by air
or land booking your hotel a month in advance is also a good idea. In the
case of research it wouldn’t hurt to call a few hotels in the same location
directly and ask them about their rates. That way you can get a feel
for the area and a more accurate ballpark figure. Searching the Internet
isn’t a bad option either but you might get a better price if you speak to
hotel management directly.

Road trip: Depending on how far
your destination is, driving might be your cheaper option. Thankfully with gas
prices being pretty steady in the summer months it is easy to calculate a close
estimation of what you would spend on gas. The car you’re driving does make a
difference, so if rentals cars are a better option its good to book at least three
to six weeks in advance. Many times booking a hotel first can give you a better
price on a rental car because these kinds of businesses team up to offer their

Travel light: It’s always a smart
idea to plan your outfits ahead of time, repurposing certain items such as
shoes or jackets if you can. Airlines charge extra for bags that weigh more
then the allotted weight and you can only fit so much stuff in the back of a
car. Try to get travel size cosmetics and toiletries and pack essentials in
your carry on for ease of use.

Budget your funds: Things like
souvenirs and eating at restaurants can add up pretty quickly. Try to plan
eating out at local places that appeal to your appetite instead of too many
tourist hot spots. If you have friends in the area there’s no harm in asking
for their recommendations, this way you might find a great place you would
never have discovered otherwise. Splurging of course is always acceptable; just
make sure your budget covers the extra expenses.

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