Summer is slowly approaching and with it you might be getting moving ready. We have compiled a list of ways to help you get through moving day more efficiently and effectively! Take a look at what the Apartment Experts have to say!

#1: Make a list! Before you even start getting out the boxes and packing tape, you must strategize! Think of the rooms you want to pack up first and the rooms you want to pack up last. Write things down in order of importance and then follow through on your top priorities.

#2: Prepare weeks in advance! This means getting all the items you will need before packing even begins. Whether that’s buying boxes, tape, paper for your glassware or having the right amount of small boxes for your heavy items. Do yourself a favor and be prepared!   

#3: De-clutter, organize and label! This will save you so much time and frustration in the long run. Go through each room and donate or throw out the items (furniture, old belongings etc) that you are no longer in need of. Then organize the things that you are keeping and have them ready for packing. If it helps, label the boxes in advance for the items that you will be storing inside of them. This is a great way for anyone else helping you to know where certain items go.

#4: Take apart furniture beforehand! No one wants to be disassembling beds the day of. The same goes for emptying out the pantry or unhooking all the hang up clothes from the closet rack. Its best to have as much prep and packing already out of the way before its time to move all the boxes.  

#5: Ask family and friends for help on the big day! As moving day approaches you are going to need a small team of helpers. Heavy furniture, boxes and mattresses take more than one person to move (especially up or down a few flights of stairs!) Promise everyone pizza, or buy lunch for the day as a way to say thank you. Also remember to have all the boxes go into the right rooms for easier unpacking.

If you’re planning on moving and looking for a new home, Apartment Experts in San Marcos is better than ever and is now in two locations for your convenience. Call either office at 512-805-0123 or 512 693-2999.

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What could you do with $250?