Trends come and go but the
good news is that with it they bring happy change and the chance to try new
things. In this article we are showcasing some of our favorite décor trends of
2016. Take a look!

Subdued colors: White, black,
ivory and neutrals are making a comeback. These colors can be showcased in
furniture, an accent wall or as the stone backsplash in your kitchen. 

Tribal Accents: Whether it’s
a tapestry rug hanging on the wall or a throw blanket over the couch. A colorful
tribal pattern can be just the thing to spark up your livingroom décor. 

 Floral Patterns: A touch of
floral is a beautiful way to add color and finesse to any room. The best part
is there are many avenues in which to do this. Wall paper, fabrics, throw pillows and
dishes are just some of the options we suggest. 

 Mixed Metals. Unable to
decide between silver and gold? Now you can have both! A matte finish is also
the more popular option for this season which gives you even more options to pick from. Choosing light fixtures and wall frames just got easier! 

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What could you do with $250?