How to Maintain a Clean Apartment.

With school starting back up again, you might find yourself
in crunch mode – too much to do and not enough time to do it in. The good news
is: keeping your home or apartment clean doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Just
follow these simple steps and transform your space in under 20 minutes a day!  

 A place for everything. Unopened mail, car keys, receipts,
purses, and wallets can clutter an area pretty quickly. Having a key hook, a
slot for mail, and a place to hang your purse as soon as you walk through the
door is the perfect way to unload without leaving a mess behind (we found some great ideas on how to do this on Pinterest. Check out our board here.)
Set a specific day for a specific chore. Dust, dirt, and laundry add up quicker
than you think. Save yourself the hassle and assign a day of the week for a
particular task. Washing a load of laundry every other day can keep those dirty
towels from piling up. 

Clean as you go. This is especially true for the kitchen. Wiping down the
counters or loading the dishwasher while you wait for food to cook is an
excellent way to reduce your after-meal clean up and keep the dishes from
stacking up. 

Time yourself. Setting a timer can be an excellent way to keep focused
while completing a chore. With 15 minutes of uninterrupted time, you just might
be surprised at what can be accomplished.  

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