Grifols, a worldwide healthcare company based in Spain, has announced that it will be building its new plasma testing lab in San Marcos.  The cutting edge laboratory will examine millions of human plasma samples before they are approved and manufactured into plasma medications for people with rare diseases, The San Marcos Record reports.

The lab will be over 70,000 square feet and will create jobs while also bringing together all the company’s testing work in the new San Marcos location as well as one that’s already located in Austin.  The San Marcos facility is the company’s biggest plasma testing site and will eventually handle nearly five million samples annually. 

Currently, there are 30 Grifols plasma donation centers, the facility in Austin, and over 1,100 employees in Texas.  They also give more than $150 million a year to the Texas economy through taxes and other expenses.  As Grifols made their announcement, the Greater San Marcos Partnership, a nonprofit focused bringing businesses to Hays and Caldwell Counties, provided the company’s representatives with information on relocating to the area so their employees could find new homes, apartments, and other destinations easily.Apartment Experts San Marcos Card

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