Apartment Experts South CardFarmers Markets are a great place to get produce whose provenance you can be sure of.  After all, you can talk to the farmer who grew it!  However, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming, so About.com helps you navigate the bounty.

First of all, do your research before you go and know what produce is in season, so you’ll know what awaits you when you get to the market.  Be sure to ask the growers what will be harvested next so you can plan ahead.  Also, either get to the market as soon as it opens so you can have the best pick of produce and it will be less crowded, or wait and go at the end of the day when items may be discounted. 

Bring your own bags so you’ll have a sturdy way to transport your haul and won’t have to worry about flimsy plastic bags that may break and send your delicious fruits and vegetables rolling across the parking lot.  Also, bring plenty of small change to pay the farmers. 

Finally, plan your meals ahead of time so you know how much of each vegetable or fruit to get, however, leave room in your meal plan for any surprises that grab your eye.  If you find a vegetable that you have no clue what to do with, ask the grower how they would prepare it.  You may find a new favorite! 

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photo by Robert Couse-Baker

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