A Closet Office can be a great alternative to a traditional home office for apartment dwellers without an extra bedroom to spare.  If you are finding that your work stuff is taking over your entire home, Freshome.com offers a step-by-step tutorial for how to create a work environment in a closet that works for you!

First, decide what functions your home office has to fulfill and get rid of anything that doesn’t serve that purpose.  Organize office supplies and files into decorative containers so you can find everything you need.  Next, make sure your office is attractive so that you WANT to work.  Paint, wallpaper or even pinning up pictures and photos that inspire you can make your space a cheery place you want to spend time in.  Lastly, make sure that the pieces that make up your work area are comfortable.  Use a desk that is the right height for you, a chair that doesn’t give you back pain, and place everything in such a way you don’t have to shoe horn yourself into a tiny space.

If you feel discouraged about your diminutive study, focus on what’s great about having a closet office space, such as having less to clean up so your work area stays neat as a pin.  Plus your kitchen table, coffee table, bedroom, etc stay neat too because you aren’t taking them over when you need to get some work done.  Hopefully these tips will help you create a closet office that has you whistling while you work!

photo by Thomas J. Story

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