The holidays are finally here! Now is the time to pull out the decorations and adorn the Christmas tree, the mantle and hang the stockings on the fireplace. This year we’ve put together a Pinterest board and a list of some alternative ways of decorating encase you find yourself in a small space without the typical means of decorating for the holidays.

Christmas Tree: Live trees can take up a lot of precious floor space that you might not have the room for. In that case our first option includes some tacs, a string of lights and some available wall space. With some extra tacs and smaller ornaments you also have the option of decorating the wall surrounding the lights. Our second option is getting a smaller christmas tree (real or fake) and setting it in a planter pot that can then be decorated and placed on an high flat surface

Stockings: Stockings on the mantle can be just as much of a holiday tradition as a Christmas tree is. The problem is many apartments don’t come equipped with a fireplace mantle. A solution to this problem is the Christmas tree ladder. The best part is the ladder can be placed against a long wall or in a corner.

Throw Pillows: Throw pillows are a great way to change up the decor in a small living room or even bedroom. Adding gold or red colors can instantly give the room a feel for the holidays. Click here for an idea on what we mean.

Christmas Wreaths: A simple yet effective way to adorn your front door or entryway is with a wreath. They are easy enough to make or buy and can very quickly add a pop of festive color without taking up tons of space. Here is one of our favorites. 

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