It’s coming up on the time of year when you start bringing out the winter coats and jackets in preparation for the colder months ahead. Along with outerwear you might also be unboxing the scarves, hats and boots from last year. This may lead you to find your hallway closet suddenly crammed or your shoe shelf overcrowded. Luckily we came prepared for this realization and have put together a pinterest board full of helpful ways to organize small spaces in time for winter. Also below are a few ideas of ways to utilize your hallway closet and shoe shelf.
Crates. Do you like an authentic rustic look? Crates can be a wonderful way to achieve a farmhouse style as well as provide the right amount of room for bigger boots. For a more detailed description of how to achieve this look click here.
Wall storage bins. A storage bin attached to the wall can be a perfect landing spot for scarves and hats during a busy week. You could attempt to make your own or check here or here for one that might already suit your needs.
Metal hooks: A stylish way to add more room for hanging coats is to screw a metal hook or wooden wall panel hook onto the inside of your closet door. This can instantly add space for smaller coats or scarves to hang undetected.

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