This month we’re spotlighting the Wonder World Drive neighborhood of San Marcos, Texas.  This week we’ll be exploring the schools and employers in this area on the south end of San Marcos.

San Marcos High School, home of the Rattlers, has the mission statement to prepare and support each student in a successful academic and social transition into and through high school, so that each student may become a productive and responsible citizen with skills required to meet future academic and career goals.

There are two middle schools in the Wonder World Drive area, Owen Goodnight Middle School and Doris Miller Middle School.  Goodnight is a national Blue Ribbon School.  Several elementary schools serve the Wonder World Drive area, including Mendez, Bowie and Hernandez.  Bowie and Hernandez are both ranked by the TEA as Recognized.  

Texas State University is the fifth-largest university in Texas with over 34,000 students, ten colleges and approximately fifty schools and departments.  Its Geography, Criminal Justice and Music programs are all nationally recognized.  Texas State also has the unique distinction of being the only University in Texas to produce a President of the United States.  President Lyndon B. Johnson graduated from Texas State in 1930.

San Marcos’ largest employer is Texas State, which employs over 2,700 people and is just ten minutes from Wonder World Drive.  Prime Outlets San Marcos, located just 3 miles from Wonder World Drive, offers over 2,000 retail positions at luxury stores like Coach, Armani and Calvin Klein.

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