A new research park is being built about 2 miles south of Texas State’s campus.  The 38-acre park is called the Science, Technology and Advanced Research Park and will have a lot of facilities that nearby start-ups need to do research and will hopefully create companies and jobs that come out of the work done in Texas college labs, Statesman.com reports.

STAR One is a 20,000 square-foot facility that has offices, clean space and wet labs, which there are a shortage of in the Austin area.  Wet labs have the plumbing, ventilation and technology required for research and experiments with chemicals, drugs or biological items.

Texas State is trying to lure in talent by promoting its location between San Antonio and Austin and is emphasizing its position as an emerging research university.  Much of the money for the new facility came from the Texas Emerging Technology Fund, a fund started by state officials who want to see much more monetization of research at universities.  Free-scale Semiconductor, Motorola, the U.S. Economic Development Administration and Texas State all contributed equipment and money to make STAR Park a reality.

STAR One is poised to open in the fall and will be half built at that time, but can be expanded quickly as demand grows.  Four more buildings are set to be built eventually.

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