Texas State Bobcats Football Team had their first practice Saturday since becoming an FBS (Football Bowl Series) team. The difference is huge, and not just in the number of players, although they began workouts with 118 players on the field. Texas State can now offer scholarships or scholarship aid to 85 players, up from 63 when they were an FCS school. In addition, this year the Bobcats are fielding 7 quarterbacks, up from just two last season. All those new players may put a major dent in the supply of San Marcos apartments!
Coach Franchione expressed excitement to the San Marcos Daily Record as the players got into a minor fight on the field. He considered last year’s players too nice and feels like in football you need some kids with “a little bit of a nasty attitude.” He is pushing this year’s players to toughen up both mentally and physically.
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The Bobcats will continue to train this week in early preparation for next fall’s season opener against Texas Tech September 8th at Texas State’s newly renovated stadium.

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